Bon Appetit welcomes a new owner...Gina Priest! 

While wishing a Happy Retiremnt to Roland





I am so honored to be continuing where our friend Roland left off. I am so very excited to take care of each of you as family, the way Roland and his family has for 47 years! I come to the store with 40 years of experience in food, beverage and hospitality.  My first experience was coat check “girl” at The Pavilion Restaurant in 1978 where I went on to became one of the few women servers there. That was my base. 

There, I learned more than I can express from Giuseppe, Pietro and Mario.

That knowledge carrying me through all aspects of my working career. I learned about true hard work and the importance of honest, sincere customer service.From there I went on to work in some of the most well-respected restaurants in Connecticut.

 I opened my first Pasta/Gourmet/ Catering companies in Glastonbury with another store and catering company to follow. I left the trade to start a new path but when this opportunity arose. I knew this was put in my path for a reason and wanted to go back to what I know best, where I was the happiest; providing good people with good food. The center of life.




Roland says "Good Bye" and Thank You


    It is with mixed emotions that I have decided to retire from Bon Appetit Cheese & Gourmet Shop. Mixed because I will miss you, my customers and friends, as well as all my staff. I have enjoyed working the store

and the customers who have supported the store for 40 years. However, I am excited about having more time

to spend with my wife, our daughter, son in law, and our granddaughter.


 As you have heard many times over, “Thank you for coming to our store.” Without you, we could not have continued to be the fine gourmet cheese shop that we are. Aside from my customers/friends, I want to thank my most devoted supporter- my wife, Annie. She has been with me since day one with the most optimistic attitude with the ups and downs of owning a small business. Thank you to Marjorie Seggerman who has been working at the store, making holiday gift baskets since the mid-eighties. 


     Thanks to all my staff who has worked with me over the many years at Bon Appetit.They all know I appreciate

their efforts and friendship. A big thank you to Bob Feinn of Mt. Carmel Wine & Spirit Shop, as we have worked together matching their fine wines to our cheeses. Last, but not least, thank you to my “right hand man”, Karen Golden. She has put up with me for 29 years! I can’t thank her enough for her devotion, care and friendship.


   Moving forward to our new owner, Gina Priest, will continue to provide you with same quality of products and service that you have enjoyed over the years. Annie and I are so excited to have her “take over the reins” of our store. We hope you will support her in the years to come.


I will miss all of you, my staff and my customers as I wish you all the very best of health and happiness.

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you.





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Going to a get together? Why not bring something for the host. Stop by, choose your gift and we'll wrap it for you! 

Bring your own board  or platter and we'll help you design a beautiful cheese board or chacuterie.

Pair it with some wine or beer from Mt. Carmel Wine and Spirits next door and you're all set.


So please come and visit. We offer a great atmosphere, knowledgeable staff and exceptional customer service.  If you're looking for something delightfully different for your any celebration; Bon Appetit has it.   


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